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Winter Key Boot Styles for Men

As we move into winter and the weather begins to get colder, it is very necessary that we update our footwear. No longer is it necessary to walk the cold and wet street in flip flops, loafers, or other open toed shoes. Instead, you should opt for a more appropriate style of footwear for the winter such as boots. Boots are very versatile and extremely fashionable, not only among females, but also among males. Whether you like a casual approach to your outfits or do not want to leave your home without an attractive suit, boots are definitely the most essential item that an individual must have during the winter. Some of the boots have been listed below along with some details on how you can style them up with different outfits. This way, you will be able to look fashionable, feel comfortable with what you are wearing, and look absolutely amazing.


1. Dress Boots

Just because they are boots does not mean that you cannot style them in a casual manner. Dress boots are the most popular boots of the season. Unlike a number of other choices available, this type of boots permit the wearer to style with a smarter and more sophisticated wardrobe. Not only this, but dress boots can be worn with a number of different outfits.

You can wear them with you suit when you go to work, or with a shirt, classic chinos, and a nice blazer combination when going downtown. If you are dressing on the weekend, then dark denim jeans and a fashion polo shirt along with these dress boots will give off a nice flair. No matter what you pair up the dress boots with, they will give the perfect balance between casual and smart. This style of footwear can also be paired with cropped, sharp suiting while the color scheme includes black, dark gray, and an attractive hue of tartan.

hiking-boots2. Hiking Boots

For those who prefer things to be a little rough about the edges, then the hiking boots will fit your personality perfectly. Hiking boots are one of the most preferred boots of the year and are sturdy, stylish, and practical. They are boots with a good reputation.

Hiking boots are usually and most commonly paired up with clothes that share characteristics that are same to the shoes itself. Country and outdoor type pieces for men look great with this footwear. You can consider chunky knit jumpers, cord and tweed construction trousers, and Barbour jackets. If you like the sound of wearing parka jackets with the boots but are not too happy about the boldness of the palette, then you should select a color that you like more such as timeless navy or earth tones. They can also be worn over trousers, which is in fact the most popular fashion approach with hiking boots. They will keep your toes warm and make you look absolutely stunning! Some popular hiking boots are:

  • Topman Cream Hiking Boots
  • Timberland Splitrock 2 Hiking Boots


3. Workwear Boots

Also known as the “work boot,” these boots were mainly designed for individuals who have laboring jobs such as driving large trucks, chopping wood, and mining. These shoes have great durability and last the workers and males who wear them a very long time.

Even though these shoes are workers, they have gained great popularity. The contemporary styles provide the appropriate balance between function and fashion. Not only will the boots last you a long time, but they will look great on your feet too. If you want to add a more stylish effect to your appearance, then you can pair the boots up with casual and rugged attire such as worker jackets, slim-fit jeans, and denim shirts or flannel pieces.


4. Biker Boots

These boots are very popular among those people who have a great love for bikes. In order to enhance the look of your outfit you should pair these boots with dark denims, a classic leather jacket, and the boots. Leather is usually worn with these boots, but the addition of three buttoned blazer and fashionable coats provide a smarter and edgy look. A laid back or a 1920s look will give your outfit a more casual look while a skinny or slim trouser provides a more adventurous and youthful appearance. You can create your wardrobe according to your own personal wants and needs because it all depends on whether you feel comfortable or not, but you must have the biker boots present in your wardrobe as they are the big thing of Winter 2013!

Now you know about the most popular boots of the season. The fun part begins when you have to select between numerous boots and select your favorite style. The prices and the quality vary from boot to boot. This is why you should take some time and purchase the best boots available. People will be inspired by your great sense of style, especially when you purchase great boots!

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