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Zumba: How To Choose The Perfect Shoes

zumba-workout1Zumba is renowned for its body shaping fitness programs that blend hot Latin dances with various aerobics, environments (in water), and even martial arts. These musical workout renditions make it fun to target and achieve your fitness goals. Sessions are available in several styles, including courses for senior and kids. Trainers will tell you; this activity covers many movements, some of which can influence the health of your body and feet. You cannot wear just any old running shoes to this party. When choosing your perfect Zumba shoes, style is good, but it is more important to know your feet and how to ensure stability and support during that workout.

Arch Support

 An arch, the raised part of the foot is made up of tendons, ligaments, and connecting bones. It is a complex set up of combined transverse and longitude arches. It usually bares a majority of shock the foot endures, while helping to propel the body as needed. You will need to know the height of your arch if you want to find shoes that are supportive for you.


flat-archThese flexible arches have a tendency to cause over pronation, which is the rotation of the heel when the foot strikes the ground. This can cause heel pain or joint discomfort of the ankle. It can also cause a more serious symptom, known as plantar fasciitis. This condition is a common heel pain that is associated with torn and inflamed tissues or ligaments at the bottom of the foot.

The Shoe

Motion-control is the key with these flat bottoms. People with low arches need to limit the motion of the ankle while adding provision to the side of the base as they cha-cha, to keep from damaging tendons. Sometimes a person with low or no bend have wider feet. These shoes vary in width for added comfort and control.


Also called the normal arch, it is the common curve for most people. It is also the ideal type for correct ankle alignment and pronation of the foot as you dance the pounds away on the Zumba floor. Keep in mind that a “neutral foot” may still encompass slight heel pain from the impact of jumping or metatarsal inflammation, also known as ball joint pain.

The Shoe

The normal arch calls for coverage that provides general stability. This reinforcement will allow the foot to handle the brunt of sudden movements and impacts, without hampering your performance. This makes it easy for you to pop and lock your body into shape.


The Pes Cavus (hollow foot) produces less expanse by the foot as it strikes the ground due to the structural abnormality of a high bow. This condition may feel as if you are walking on stilts, because the pressure of your body weight is focused on the heel and the ball of the foot. This leaves the arch to absorb much more of the blow. Too much pressure on this region of your pads may cause what is called the fallen arch or flat foot. It occurs when the arch collapses and the entire bottom surface of the foot is in contact with the ground as you step. The condition can be caused by tendon wound, over use, or aging. This can cause painful inflammation, difficulty standing, choreography, and other activities. This will take a toll on the back and leg joints, putting you out of workout commission.

The Shoe

Those who have an elevated arch suffer from under pronation, which can wreak havoc on the joints of the lower body, causing pain during mobility when it comes to the twisting and turning of Samba. For maximum support a softer mid-sole in a shoe is the way to go. This can be found in footgear that has a thicker insole that absorbs the jolt, making for better booty-shaking reinforcement.

Comfort and Style

zumba-workout2Comfort is an athlete’s best kept secret. Although it involves physical relaxation, it also provides strength to weak areas and for your feet, this support is crucial. You want to be able to concentrate on your Zumba moves and the invigorating experience of pushing yourself to full capability. The last thing you need to be worried about is your shoe rubbing you the wrong way. Style is essential to maintaining a sense of self and bringing the out confidence that will have you dancing your best. However, it is useless if you are miserably struggling with the inside of the sneaker. There are many styles of Zumba-friendly shoes. From bright and daring to structural comfort. Find your perfect Zumba shoe while putting your best fit forward.

Finding the correct footwear for your Zumba workout is essential to the health and stability of your feet, ankles, and joints. Enhancing awareness of your podiatry needs will provide insight on how to choose the perfect shoe.

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